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HOA Governing Documents

Some of these documents have been recorded with the San Miguel County Clerk and Recorder. You can find the recorded documents, including the Condominium Maps on their website https://www.sanmiguelcountyco.gov/168/Recording

Plaza Amended and Restated Declaration 6-10-93
1st Amendment to Declaration 9-17-93
2nd Amendment to Declaration 12-10-97
3rd Amendment to Declaration 4-7-98
Plaza Articles 2-24-93
1st Amendment to Amended, Restated Bylaws 5-18-05
Amended and Restated Bylaws 6-8-93
Collections Policy
Amended Rules, Regulations 5-8-94
2014 Amendment to Collection & Resp. Gov. Policies
Declaration of Restrictive Covenant 6-9-95
Powersystem ROW Easement 3-14-90
The Plaza Amended Rules and Regulations 5-8-94
Plaza Plat Maps 282969.pdf
2023-03-28 Responsible Governance Policies




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